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Hey my name is Autumn, I am a 30 year old mum of two who has a serious passion for Makeup and skincare products. Up until august 2015 I had no clue about makeup. I only wore it on special occasions  and only owned a few Avon pieces that were years old.

 I was feeling low about turning 30 so my husband and I went away for the weekend to Glasgow. He took me to House of Fraser to choose a bag as my birthday present. But my curiosity got the better of me when I seen the makeup counters.......

I fell in love!!!

The girl in the Mac store done my makeup for me and I could not believe how simple it was to achieve such a flawless look and make me feel so much better within myself. I bought all the products she suggested. I also chatted with the girls at the Urban Decay counter and bought my first eyeshadow palette (The Naked Smokey)

I spent that night in hotel researching different products and tips for application. I was fascinated how Id gone my whole life never knowing half of these brands and products existed. When I came home, I stumbled across youtube tutorials and watched them day and night (I still do). I discovered www.feelunique.com and bought more and more makeup. Each product I tried i would post of my facebook page a short review.

After a while, friends, family and even strangers would start asking me hints and tips. I would refer them to some of my favourite youtubers such as Jamie Genevieve or Jaclyn Hill. I realised I was spamming my social media accounts with makeup related posts daily, so decided to start an Instagram Page dedicated to my new found passion.

Thirtyandmakeupmad was born.

Over the following months my followers on Instagram grew along with my passion for Makeup and skincare. I now have Thirtyandmakeupmad accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. I have been to a makeup masterclass with Jamie Genevieve and have Makeup courses coming up to perfect my technique so I can pass this knowledge on.

As I write this introduction we are days away from launching this Blog. I can't believe less than a year ago I couldn't of told you what highlighter was for, and now I cant live without it. I hope this blog shows people it doesn't matter what age you are or career path you are on, at any point in your life you can come across something in your life that you are passionate about and takes you on a whole new path.

Makeup is fun! Makeup doesn't judge! Man or woman, gay or straight, regardless of age or race it doesn't matter! DO YOU! Do what makes you happy! wear no makeup at all or wear full on Smokey eye, huge wing, loads of glitter and a bright red overdrawn lip to the supermarket if that's what makes YOU happy!


  1. loooove your blog!!!! keep up the amazing writing, especially the honest reviews(Loved the dupe article!!) well done girl!!! xxx


Feel free to comment if you have any questions or any suggestions on Products to review.

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