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Hey Guys! I'm back today with another interview in the Lets talk about makeup series. Today's interview is courtesy of 14 year old Makeup artist Lewis Hannah from Glasgow. I came across Lewis on Facebook and immediately loved his passion and creativity and I'm sure you guys will love him too. What/Who Started your interest in Makeup? I’ve always dabbled in my mums makeup when she was out 😂 I was not influenced by anyone to start i just loved it💕I got my first technic 9 colour pallete for £1.50 & started playing with my flat brush😂

Who are your Inspiration's in the industry? Id definitely say Jamie Genevieve
💓She’s such a big inspiration to me & i hope i can inspire someone as much as she inspired me 💓

Although some of the best MUA’s in the industry are men there still seems to be some discrimination against male artists especially from certain brands. Is this something you have came across? Have all your friends and family been supportive?
Definitely i have came across homophobic behaviour. I’ve been bullied for makeup but i’d say im a very resilient person so this makes me want to be who i am even more so💁🏼‍♀️all my family and friends have been so supportive , If anyone is negative, they’re not who i thought they were...

What are your career goals? To Be a successful makeup artist & youtuber & for my story to inspire The public.

What 3 products could you not live without?
3 Products i couldn’t do makeup without is - Mac studio fix nc30 ( you can see me wear this foundation in EVERY pic i post. I go through it like water

Plouise base in
shade 2

Mac mineralise skin finish in dark deep.

If you could only use one makeup brand forever what brand would it be?
Definitely Mac. I’ve always walked past mac stores when i was wee and dreaming of buying it & To be able to use it for my kit for my lovely clients

What the best makeup hack you have learnt?
Using tape for Eyeliner & sharp shadow . it’s helped me so much to get that sharp liner!

Whats your opinion on Self taught artists vs Accredited artists? I feel like self taught Muas are just as good, but the title “ qualified mua” puts clients at ease so they know they’re going to a “professional“
But id say self taught muas makeup for the lack of qualification for the shit hot makeup skills. people like to kiss up to qualified muas but they forget some of the biggest muas,  Plouise herself is self taught.
If you were to give one piece of advice to someone who wants to publish their work on social media but is afraid what would you say? I’d say do it & be you on social media. People are always going to be unhappy no matter what you do, so defo suit yourself & Pop ur tutorials on youtube , instagram & do a live on facebook & kill
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