Indie Brands I have fallen in love with.

If you have been a reader of the blog for a while you will know I have always strongly believed when it comes to buying makeup, eyeshadows is where you need to spend your money to get good quality, long lasting, pigmented products. Recently I have had that theory blown put of the window by two amazing Indie brands.

Before we start lets get one thing straight. This is not a paid post. Neither brands I am going to talk about have paid me. I have been send some PR, but that was after I had been buying products for myself and have continued to do so. I know most of you wouldn't expect me to prove myself but I know with all the drama in the beauty community at the moment you guys don't know who to trust. All I can say is if I am paid to review a product I love, believe you me you will know about it because I will be shouting it from the roof tops because that's the dream right?. 

If you follow me on social media it will not be a surprise to you that the two brands I am talking about today are Olivia Belle beauty & Linsey Douglas MUA,s own brand.

Linsey Douglas MUA

I first came across Linsey Douglas on Plouise's Takeover group a few months ago. People were raving about her pigments and glitters that start at just £1. I was really sceptical but thought for the price it was worth buying some to try out. When I received them I could not believe the quality for such a low price point and immediately ordered more.

I've since tried out her eyeshadows in the Limited edition Candy palette and have been blown away with how pigmented they are and how easy to blend. I have just ordered her second eye shadow palette which is all matte bright shades!! I cannot wait to get my hands on it and show you guys what looks I create with it. (You can have a look and buy Linseys new palette here for £25)

Linsey also sells beautiful Liquid lipsticks for £5! Yes £5. They are really pigmented and not drying at all which I love. She has also today gave a sneak peek on social media of new bullet lipsticks she is releasing soon. Exciting!

On her website Linsey also offers a monthly Glitter and Pigment subscription service, meaning you can collect her products for a reduced price and also limited edition products. More details can be found here.

You Can find Linsey here - 

Wearing Linsey Douglas Lucky Pigment on eyes.

Linsey Douglas Candy Palette.

Linsey Douglas Ltd Edition Candy Palette

Linsey Douglas Ltd Edition Candy Palette

A Selection of Pigments and Glitters from Linsey Douglas.

I have a discount code for Linsey Douglas products. It is 'AUTUMN20' Please note this is not an affiliate code so I make no money from you using it. It is just to save you guys some cash :)

Olivia Belle Beauty

Olivia Belle Beauty is owned by the lovely Leanne. I came across her brand via Linsey's Facebook beauty group. People were raving about her eyeshadows and lashes so when she started a subscription service where you can pay to be send a mixture of her products for a discounted price I thought I would give it a go. The subscription includes different products every month and the price differs depending on what products are included. To buy, you have to go to her website and buy each month. I love this because it gives you the option to miss a month or two if money is tight. You also have no idea what products you will be receiving which is so exciting for a makeup lover like myself, especially when she includes limited edition products.

In recent weeks I have been using Olivia Belle lashes, eyeshadows and gel liners constantly and love them all. I am particularly in love with the 'Chelsea' lashes. I struggle putting lashes on and these really were the easiest lashes I have ever worked with. I have reused the same pair numerous times (Too stingey to open a new pair) and as you can see from pictures below they still look like new. I am also totally converted to white liner after using the white Gel liner. Every time I have tried nude or white liners in the past it just hasn't stayed in my water line and wasn't very pigmented so looked like I have no liner on. You can see in the pictures below this liner is really pigmented and also doesn't budge throughout the day. It also comes off really easy when you are removing your makeup at the end of the day which I was glad about because I hate having to really rub at my eyes to remove makeup.

The eyeshadows I have tried from Olivia Belle are in palettes, although they do single pans also. I was literally blown away when I received the Subscription palette (shown in pictures below). Those warm red, orange & yellow tones are right up my street. If I could create a palette it would look exactly like this one. Although swatches I have included aren't brilliant (my daughter done these!) you can see just how pigmented they are with just one swipe. You can also see from the unedited pictures of the looks I have created using this palette just how beautiful these shades look on the eyes.

You can see in pictures below and on social media some other products I have bought from Olivia Belle but I am saving these to include in a giveaway for you guys so will talk about them nearer the time.

Like Linsey, Leanne is expanding her brand with lots of new exciting products in the works. I am so excited to see what is to come.

Olivia Belle White & Purple gel Liners.
Olivia Belle Sassy Lashes.
Olivia Belle Subscription Palette swatches.
Olivia Belle Sassy lashes & Subscription Palette
Olivia Belle Gel liners, Mystery Palette & liquid highlight.
Wearing Olivia Belle Chelsea Lashes
Wearing Olivia Belle Chelsea Lashes and subscription palette on eyes.

You Can find Olivia Belle Beauty here - 

If you join The Olivia belle VIP group you get access to a 25% discount code for members only!

Overall, I have nothing bad to say about these brands. What really makes both of them stand out from the thousands of other brands is the fact both Linsey & Leanne go out of their way to support not only each other but hundreds of other mua's and brands via their beauty groups. It is very rare you will see a makeup brand (or any brand in fact) support and promote another brand selling the same products. 

Let me know if you guys buy anything from these lovely ladies and their amazing brands and what you think! Nothing better than #womensupportingwomen. Lots of products from both brands will be included in my Christmas Giveaway!

Also please let me know if there are any other indie brands you think I should check out! I think its time smaller brands got the recognition they deserve.

Love you all <3

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