Revolution Pro Undereye Primer

The minute I seen this product on Superdrug's website I was instantly intrigued as I have never heard of an under eye primer before. I get really dry under eyes especially when I have been lazy with my skincare like I have recently so the fact it said it was illuminating had me sold. 

The primer comes in an illuminate and hydrate formula. I bought the illuminate one as at the time the hydrating one was out of stock. I have tried this product numerous times on its own and with different concealers to make sure I really tested it out properly for you guys and because I have been so intrigued by what a unique product it is and how it works.

The primer is a creamy consistency with a light yellow colour to it (as seen in the picture below). It feels really hydrating when you are applying it to your under eyes but dries fast meaning you can go straight in with makeup. I think this product is absolutely beautiful used on its own when you aren't wearing any makeup. It totally lifts and brightens my under eye area and helps hide my dark circles. It really looks and feels like you have applied an eye cream.
Revolution Pro Illuminate Undereye primer

When applying makeup over the primer you have to be super quick, do one eye at a time. It literally acts like glue and if you do not blend quick enough your makeup is literally ruined...I learnt this lesson quickly :( although as long as you do one eye at a time you are totally fine and can be guaranteed your concealer will not move all day. I wore this in the ridiculous heat we have been having in Scotland and not even the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray could keep my foundation on, but my concealer never moved even when I'd been rubbing my eyes. What I also love is that although it really makes your concealer stick it is also so easy to remove. I hate products that make you have to really scrub at your eyes to get off, I have enough wrinkles without adding more by rubbing at them to get products off.

Onto my only small negative about this product. As I've said before I have dry under eyes if I don't take the time to apply my eye cream day and night. This product not only dries fast but has a very matte finish (I know a primer that illuminates but has a matte finish??? I am confused too!) The first time I used this product I found it just made my skin look dry and enhanced my wrinkles around my eyes. Every time I have used it since I have made sure to stick to my consistent skincare routine and have not had any problems. That is not the products fault at all but something to bare in mind when purchasing. Its the same with all makeup, nothing will look its best if your skin isn't well looked after. 

I would highly recommend this primer. I don't think it is a necessity for every day use, but if you really want your makeup to stay in place for a special occasion its well worth investing in. I will most certainly be using it on no makeup days because I don't think there are many eye creams I have tried that could match up to this products when it comes to brightening my under eye area.

The Revolution Pro Under eye Primer retails for £5 and can be bought on Superdrug's website Here.

Have you tried this product or anything similar?
Id love to know what you think!


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