Lets Talk about Makeup - Linsey Douglas Mua

Hey Guys, I know you have all been patiently waiting to see who the next person was being interviewed in the ‘Lets Talk about Makeup’ series. You will know from my social media accounts I have been following Linsey Douglas’s career as a Makeup Artist for a while now and have loved seeing her venture out and create her own business and following as a social media influencer. I was so happy when Linsey agreed to be included in this series because as you know I like to bring you a knowledge and understanding of the Makeup Industry from all aspects. Who better to give you that than a woman who you will see from her Interview started out as just a makeup lover and went onto becoming a self taught makeup artist, business woman and now social media influencer. I think her story shows that with real determination you can do anything as long as you makeup is on point 😉
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