No7 Protect & Perfect Skincare Range

I have been using the No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced (What a mouthful!) range for a couple of months now. I wanted to really give it a thorough test before writing a review for you guys. Mainly because although the No7 range is more affordable than a lot of popular skincare around at the moment, it is certainly not cheap, especially if you want to purchase numerous products from the range.

I bought four products from the range - The Serum, Day cream, Night cream and Body serum (not pictured).

The serum is my favourite product of the four I bought. It has such a lovely consistency and smooths out the texture of my skin and evens out skin tone. It is also a beautiful base for makeup. What I love most about this product is little goes a long way, so you definitely get your moneys worth. It is a brilliant product and I will definitely be repurchasing.

I am obsessed with night creams! There we go I admitted it. I love nothing more than applying a good moisturiser knowing it is getting to work making me look younger while I am sleeping. This cream did not disappoint. My skin looks instantly plumper when applied. It does a great job of hydrating even my most stubborn dry patches (my chin). On the odd occasion I haven't used this cream at night I have noticed a huge difference in my skin in the morning, it just looks dull and dehydrated. As with the serum a little goes a long way, I still have well over half a jar left which is great for the amount of time I have been using it.

When it comes to the day cream I am still on the fence. It is a lovely cream and it does contains SPF 15 which is always a bonus but I feel it is an identical product to one of my all time favourite moisturisers Garnier Ultralift which is more than half the price. I would not recommend spending £25 on this cream unless you are buying it while the 3 for 2 promotion is on.

You will notice I did not photograph the body serum. To be honest I totally forgot about it. I think for £24.95 it is ridiculously over priced and a few minutes after applying my skin feels really dry and I have to apply another moisturiser on top. A total waste of money in my eyes.

Have you tried anything from the No7 Protect & Perfect range? or any skincare from No7? Let me know down below what your thoughts are.

**At the time of writing 30/05/17 the No7 Protect & perfect range is included in the 3 for 2 on skincare offer at**

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