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Since Real Techniques launched in 2011 the brand has gone from strength to strength. If you are a makeup artist or just a makeup enthusiast the likelihood is you have at least one set of Real Techniques brush sets or sponges in your collection.

The company was founded by Sam and Nic Chapman (also known as Pixiwoo). Both ladies spent many years working as makeup artists before deciding in 2010 to post makeup tutorials to YouTube. At the time YouTube wasn't the phenomenon it is now so these tutorials were considered revolutionary and gained a huge following from makeup lovers around the world. It soon became clear that although there was an abundance of good quality makeup available at all different price ranges, the same could not be said for makeup brushes. The Pixiwoo girls knew the importance of good quality makeup brushes when creating a flawless makeup application, so decided to create their own line of affordable brushes. Real Techniques was born.

Sam & Nic Chapman *

Over time I have managed to collect quite a few of the basic Real Techniques brush sets, individual brushes and makeup sponges. I have always found them to be amazing quality, long wearing and easy to clean. I was also lucky enough to be gifted the brands Luxury range the Bold metals collection. These brushes start at £15 each and although they are beautiful to look at I would honestly say that they are not worth it. I found them to be inconsistent in quality and do not last as well as the basic range. If you would like to see a more in depth review of the bold metals collection or any other set from Real Techniques just leave me a comment down below and I will post that for you.

2017 has been a huge year already for Real Techniques. With rebranding some of their older collection to numerous different launches it seems there is no stopping this brand. As I now have a substantial brush collection I have had to cut back and only buy the brushes I feel I will regularly use. This was definitely the case for the prep and prime set. The moment I seen it I knew it was perfect for me. I am a strong believer in applying your skincare with brushes. I feel the less you touch your face with your hands the less likely you are to spread germs and cause premature ageing to the skin.

'A beauty spatula to remove creams from jars and to make most of your product' - To be honest as much as I like the concept, I do not use it at all. I just take my product out of the jar with the brush I am using to apply it.  
Beauty Spatula

'An under eye reviver which has a stationary ball to cool the under eye area whilst applying eye creams' - I was really excited about this product as I know I can be too rough when applying my eye cream and that has led to far too many wrinkles for my liking. Unfortunately this is such a disappointment, It is far too heavy to hold comfortably in your hand. The roller ball also does not rotate (due to hygiene reasons) so it just drags across your eye area and in all honesty is quite painful.

Under eye reviver

'Flat top Prep brush for applying skincare and primers' - I love love love this brush!! It makes applying skincare so easy and does not soak up loads of product which I find a standard flat top foundation brush does. Its quite firm so makes moving product around on the face easy without being too rough. It is just perfect and I hope they bring it out to purchase individually.

Prep brush

'Miracle complexion sponge which can be used to apply skincare or foundation' - the miracle complexion sponge is a staple in everyone's makeup bag. A great product that can be used numerous ways and is far more affordable than its higher end counter part the Beauty Blender, but competes in regards to quality and durability.

Miracle Complexion Sponge

Stand for the miracle complexion sponge - I just do not get this stand? I suppose if you only have one sponge it is ok but after one use you wouldn't want a dirty sponge on display would you? Since rebranding, they have replaced the usual free cases with little stands to hold your brushes/sponges in but again I just think your makeup area would be extremely cluttered.

Mini complexion sponge

As well as the miracle complexion sponge there are now numerous different sizes, shapes and colours of makeup sponges from Real techniques. I have recently bought these new purple mini eraser sponges as well as the miracle sculpting sponges and mini complexion sponges. In all honesty I very rarely use any of them. I find them useful if I want to tidy up my eyeshadow with some translucent powder but that's the only time I see myself reaching for them. I definitely think unless you are very particular about your makeup being perfect then I would give these a miss.

Have you tried any of Real Techniques new releases? What do you guys think?
Boots and Superdrug quite often have good offers on Real techniques products, at the moment (14.03.17) you can find set at half price and buy on get one half price.

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