Clinique Pep-Start Quick Cleansing Swipes Review

I have tried so hard to fall in love with these Clinique wipes, or swipes as they call them but I just can't. I am always looking for the laziest possible way to remove my Makeup. Yes I know!, I am setting a bad example. Beauty Bloggers should know better, but in reality sometimes I just want to jump into bed as soon as possible and cannot be bothered using numerous different products I just want to remove my makeup and moisturise. When I seen Emily  from EmTalks say she loved these wipes because they removed makeup so easy I immediately bought them with high hopes.

The packaging is very bulky, in all honesty I actually quite like it but it is definatly not travel friendly. The wipes themselves do not feel luxurious at all, in fact my usual Garnier ones at much thicker and softer on the skin. Clinique claim these wipes are fragrance free but that is not the case at all! The scent is really strong, and in all honesty remind me of antibacterial wipes I clean my bathroom with.

I don't feel these wipes are any good at cleansing my skin. When I have to remove makeup I have to use micellar water with them or my makeup won't budge. Saying this, the wipes aren't marketed as makeup removing wipes, Clinique claim they are perfecting for cleansing before makeup application because they exfoliate and moisturise the skin. Unfortunately they didn't do these things for me.

All in all these wipes just aren't for me. Although I have had a bad experience with these wipes I am still excited to try the rest of the Pep - Start range though as I have heard great things about it!

Have you tried these wipes? Or anything else from the Pep-Start range? Let me know down below!

You can buy Clinique Pep-Start Quick Cleansing Swipes Here


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