MorpheMe Subscription December 2016

I usually just post my monthly Morpheme subscription brushes on my Instagram but I was just so impressed with the brushes included this month I thought it was about times I started letting my blog family know all about this great service.

Morpheme is a subscription service from Liveglam. You pay a monthly fee and they send you Morphe makeup brushes through the post. You also earn points for every month and for introducing new members which you can use to buy more brushes or a range of makeup products including Kylie Cosmetics. I have been a member for nearly a year now and have never been disappointed. people always ask me two questions when I tell them about it...

How much is it?
A MorpheMe subscription costs $19.99 a month and includes free shipping in the US and Canada. For us in the UK the monthly total including shipping and fees is £24.04.

Do you not keep getting the same brush?
As I said I have been subscribed for nearly a year and have never had two of the same brush. Each month you can go on the website and see which brushes are included in that months subscription. If you already have them brushes or you do not want them you can skip a month without charge. Liveglam are also introducing a new service where if you don't like the look of the brushes that month you can choose cool is that! Each month you will always get over $30 worth of brushes which can range from 3 brushes to 7.

So, now on to this months brushes....

M560 - Detail Crease Brush
I was so excited to see this brush as I was looking for the perfect brush to create a cut crease.

M512 - Round Contour Brush
Love the look of this brush for a sharp precise contour.

M562 - Tiny Crease Blender Brush
This is my absolute favourite brush this month! I have spent months hunting for a brush similar to the Cozette brush Kayla Hagey uses in her tutorials to softly blend out her crease. I haven't seen any brush even similar before now so I am really happy and cannot wait to use it.

M502 - Round Blender Brush
A perfect fluffy blending brush to make sure you have no harsh lines.

M516 - Angled Blender Brush
Although this brush is meant for blending eyeshadow I am excited to use it for concealer under my eyes. I think the angle will make blending concealer under the eye so easy. That's the great thing about brushes, there are no rules you can use them in whatever way you wish.

M515 - Detail Crease Liner Brush
This brush is soooo cute. Its the perfect size for an inner corner highlight.

If you are interested in joining the Morpheme subscription service you can use my referral link to get an extra brush free

*This post is no sponsored I just love this service and wanted to share the details with you*



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