Its Nice to be Nice!

Today I was in the line at the local post office collecting a parcel (It was not Makeup I promise Steven!) when a girl in the queue commented on how much she loved my eye makeup. Me being me, I was shy and just said Thank you. What this girl doesn't know is how much this meant to me. Now don't get me wrong people quite often comment on my Makeup (possibly due to how rough I look without it!) but today it really meant a lot to me. Why?

Because I've had a rough few weeks. I won't bore you with the details but as many of you will know, being a working mum can be hard sometimes especially with all the other crap life throws at you. The stress of the last few weeks has meant my 'me' time disappeared, my skincare routine went out the window and I haven't been wearing any makeup. Today I decided I wanted to go outside my comfort zone. I created a look I had never attempted before (pictures above) with a totally different technique and I loved how it turned out. Is this a big deal in the grand scheme of things? no! of course not. But, to me after a really rough few weeks it was nice to be feeling experimental again and to have someone I don't know make such a lovely comment about my work really cheered me up and reignited my passion. Now I can't wait till tomorrow to see what look I can create next.

If you see someone out in the street or in the pub and you love their makeup or their outfit, Tell them! You never know you might just make their day.

So to the girl in the post office.....
Thank You!
Its nice to be nice! Why don't you leave a comment below saying something nice about someone. You might just make their day!

Eye Make was created using KathleenLights x Morphe Palette which is currently out of stock. Review coming Tuesday.


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