Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Review

I am a sucker for warm red and burgundy shade shadows, so it was a no brainer that I would have to get my hands on the Huda Beauty textured Shadows Palette. The Rose Gold edition is the first eye shadow palette release from the brand who have had huge success in the cosmetic industry with their world famous false lashes and more recently lip contour pencils and liquid Mattes.

I have never seen anything but amazing quality from all Huda Beauty products so wasn't too worried about paying such a high price for this palette (£54!!). My husband on the other hand wasn't impressed oops.

There are 18 shades in this palette with 3 different textures (hence the name). There are 10 matte shadows, 6 3D metals which Huda recommends to apply using your finger and not a brush and lastly 2 Chromatic pressed pearl shadows.

I have used this palette on myself and also on a client. The matte shadows in this palette are beautiful. There is such a great selection of colours and they all blend so beautifully. You can see from the swatches below they are also very pigmented which I was very impressed with because usually you will find there are at least a few matte shadows in a palette that aren't that great.

       The 2 Chromatic shadows in the palette are 'Angelic' and 'Moondust'. Angelic is a pretty pink shade with gold reflects and Moondust is the perfect gold highlight shade for either the inner corner of the eye or would be beautiful on the cheekbones.

The 3D metal shadows are the selling point of this palette but in all honestly so far I am not overly impressed. Don't get me wrong they are absolutely stunning! You just have to look at the swatches below to see how beautifully pigmented they are with just one swipe. The shades 'Fling', 'Rose Gold' and 'Trust Fund' are my favourites. When I read that Huda advised these eyeshadows should be applied with your fingers I never thought much of it as I find the formula very similar to Colourpop shadows and they apply so easily with your finger. Unfortunately that is not the case with these shadows, they are a complete nightmare to apply to myself and to clients with my finger. You have to apply the tiniest amount of product to your finger, which is hard because the minute you touch the shadow it just seems to clump together on your finger. You then have to slowly try build the shadow up on the lid. It is such a hard product to blend, it just seems to sit where you originally placed it and not want to move. Although it takes a fair bit of time and effort to get these shadows on the lid once they are on they do look absolutely stunning and do not budge all day.
Huda was right in saying these shadows were not made to be used with a brush of any kind because you will get absolutely no product on your brush if you dip it into the shadows. I did think about using Mac Fix+ on my brush before dipping into the shadows but I was concerned it may ruin the shadows? Let me know if you have tried this? and how you got on.
 The fallout of these 3D shadows is also a huge problem so I would highly recommend doing your eye makeup before your base so you can clean up any fall out.

Overall, this is a beautiful palette. The matte shades alone I think make this palette worth it money. Although as I've explained I have had problems working with the 3d shadows I am in no doubt I will find an easier way to make them work and will keep you updated.

Top Row L-R
Middle Row L-R
Bottom Row L-R

Let me know what new Makeup releases you would like to see reviewed. I am always happy to buy makeup 'for the good of the blog' heehee.

You can buy the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Here for £56.00




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