I wanted to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you for all the love and support since this blog went live. Thirtyandmakeupmad is my baby and I am enjoying every minute of seeing it grow. I am working hard to make bigger and better content for you guys but sometimes life gets in the way (more to the point children lolz)and the blog has to take a back seat but I am working towards being ahead of schedule for you guys and hopefully before the new year aiming for 2-3 posts a week!

I am also really excited to announce this year I will be participating in Blogmas yay! This meant I will have a new blog post for you everyday between 1st and 25th of December!! Yes EVERYDAY!! I have so many exciting plans for this and they may or not contain lots (and lots) of glitter!

This is still all very new to me, I'm learning everyday so always welcome constructive criticism. I am always more than happy to hear suggestions from you all on what products you would like to see reviewed.

Lots of Love




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