**NEW** Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask Review


I was so excited to see these Garnier tissue masks in Asda after seeing them all over Instagram recently. I was pleasantly surprised to see them priced at only £1 each as their higher end equivalents such as Estee Lauder advanced night repair masks retail for £16 each! (I am yet to try the Estee Lauder mask but plan on treating myself to one for my upcoming birthday so I will let you know how it compares).

When I opened this mask I could instantly smell the gorgeous pomegranate scent. The mask itself is very easy to apply and stays on the skin easily, unlike other masks I have tried that unless you are lying flat on your back and staying completely still just keep falling off. The combination of the lovely fruity smell and the cooling, moisturising feeling to the skin makes this mask very relaxing to wear. 

Not only is this mask a treat to wear when you are looking for some 'me time' but it is also great for your skin. As with the ANR mask this also contains Hyaluronic acid which not only deeply hydrates the skin but combats anti-ageing by plumping out the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines. It also brightens and evens out skin tone. What more could you possibly ask for, especially for £1!!!!  

I would highly recommend giving this beauty a try! I will certainly be incorporating it into my weekly skincare routine. 

You can buy the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask HERE 
Let me know if you try this mask and what you think.



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