Its been a year!

Today marks one year since I first discovered Makeup! Yes, just one year ago I rarely wore makeup and only had a few Avon products and a mascara older than my children (and I wondered why I always had sore eyes when I wore it!). Its hard to believe this time last year I had no idea what highlight was and now I can spend hours just staring at my collection.

It all started when my husband and I went to Glasgow for a few days to celebrate my upcoming 30th birthday (yes I am nearly 31 and no the blog will not be called thirtyoneandmakeupmad lolz). I don't know why but I decided I wanted to go to the Mac counter as I had never been before. The girl in Mac relished the fact that I didn't have a clue and sat me down and talked me through 'must have products' and applied them to my face. I was amazed that it only took a matter of minutes and just a few simple products to totally transform my face! (picture below). I bought all the products and brushes she suggested (picture above) then went a wander around the other makeup counters. I spotted something that would change my life....the Urban Decay counter! Although at this point I was still clueless about makeup, I was drawn to the counter because it stood out from all the rest. The products included much brighter and bolder colours than other counters and the staff were welcoming and friendly unlike the other counters Id stopped at. After chatting with the staff I decided to buy my first ever eyeshadow palette....the Naked smokey Palette.

The next few days I practiced with the Makeup I had bought as well as ordering new products online. I soon realised I was addicted! I started researching different techniques and what products to buy and it wasn't long before I discovered Youtube. I started off by just searching for looks created using the naked Smokey palette and was amazed at how many came up. I would watch videos then sit and practice the look over and over again. It wasn't long before I had subscribed to numerous beauty blogger's channels (a list of my faviourite's is on the FAQ page) and was spending every spare minute watching tutorials and makeup reviews. (this is why I have never seen Game of Thrones!).

As time went on I was getting more and more requests to review products but realised constantly putting up makeup related posts on my Facebook wasn't fair to my friends who had no interest in the topic so I decided to start an Instagram page dedicated to my love of makeup - Thirtyandmakeupmad was born!
Now fast forward a year and we now have a Thirtyandmakeupmad Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and website. I have had the pleasure of having Makeup lessons from amazing MUA's including Jamie Genevieve. Over recent months I have also began practicing my makeup skills on others and am enjoying the learning process.
I am so excited with how well Thirtyandmakeupmad is going. I have so many ideas for content for you. I am in the process of buying new equipment to make sure I bring you good quality pictures. I also plan on filming my makeup collection and storage for you as its been highly requested. Over the next few months I have so many exciting things coming up including an Urban Decay event , collaboration's with fellow Beauty bloggers and a makeup course which I will keep you updated on. 

I want to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has supported me in the last year. I'm still very new to all this and am learning everyday so please continue to bare with me while I find my feet because I am enjoying every minute.
 At the moment the blog is my main focus but I enjoy practicing my makeup skills on other people so just get in touch if you want to do your makeup.

Lots of love as always,
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