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I was supposed to be going to an event this past weekend but due to poor organisation by the company I decided not to go. This meant the money I had saved to go was just sitting lonely in the bank....I started some Christmas shopping for the kids then got an email to say Jeffree Star's Beauty Killer Palette was back in stock on I took this as a sign it was meant to be, so headed straight on their website and added it to my basket. I'm not sure how it happened but a bunch of other makeup somehow ended up in my basket? Must have been a problem with the site lolz ;) (yep my hubby didn't believe this lame excuse either!)

Here is what I bought......

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette

I have wanted this palette since Jeffree announced its release on Snapchat as I am in love with experimenting with bright colours. As Palettes are my obsession I have tried really hard recently to wait a while when a new one is released and read reviews and watch tutorials to ensure I will actually use the palette. (This was after staying up all night refreshing to get the Too Faced sweet Peach palette and I never use it!) After seeing some beautiful looks created using this palette I knew I had to add it to my collection.

When I initially swatched the shadows in this palette I was very disappointed but after working with them on the lids I love them! I have only had time to play about creating the look shown in picture  at end of post but so far I am really impressed. The shadows blended well and although some of them don't have a lot of colour payoff to start its very easy to build them up. The only thing I will say is you have to prime your eyes before using or the shadows will not have much colour payoff and the brighter shades will stain your lids.
I can't wait to keep playing with this palette.

rrp €45 available HERE

Jeffree star 'Watermelon Soda' liquid Lipstick

As with this palette the minute I seen Jeffree announce his summer shades of liquid lipstick I was instantly drawn to 'watermelon soda'. In all honestly I desperately wanted the whole summer collection bundle and have added it to my basket on Beautylish numerous time telling myself what a good deal it was but then talked myself out of it as I know I would never use the lilac shade 'Virginity'. I decided I couldn't miss out on watermelon soda as its such a unique shade and am going to try get my hands on the vibrant yellow shade 'Queen Bee'. It may not be an everyday wearable colour but I'm just drawn to it and because Jeffree Star Liquid lipsticks are eye safe I can use it for a funky bright yellow winged liner! I'm also wearing it in the picture above!

I am in love with watermelon soda. I am wearing it in the picture below. It is such a fun summer shade but yet very wearable for everyday. It is definitely one of my new favs.

rrp $18 available HERE

Jeffree Star 'I'm Nude' Liquid Lipstick

Wearing 'I'm Nude' liquid lipstick.
The last thing I picked up from Jeffree Star was his liquid lipstick in 'Im nude'. I stupidly had the cult favourite 'Androgony' in my basket then swapped it for this! Although I'm gutted I missed out on Androgony again I am in love with this shade. It is the perfect cool toned nude for my skin tone and just looks so pretty especially with a smokey eye.

rrp €18 available HERE

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in 'Kim K.W'

If you follow my social media you will know I have spent the last year constantly looking at and posting about various items from Charlotte Tilbury's beautiful makeup and skincare range. I have never taken the plunge and bought anything because in all honesty I just didn't know were to start, I just want it all. My plan was to wait until the first  Scottish Charlotte Tilbury store open in Glasgow on 8th September (I am going to the launch day eeeeek sooo excited!) to pick out a few products but I just couldn't wait.
I was really surprised to see this lipstick inspired by Kim Kardashian West's signature beige lip in stock as its developed a huge cult following since being released. Its a beautiful pale pink nude that is so easy to wear with any eye look. I am yet to try the longevity of the lipstick but have high hopes. I will let you know my thoughts soon.

rrp $32 available HERE

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

Yes! I hold my hands up I am a beauty blogger and I have never tried this foundation. I have read so much about it with most people loving it but it was the handful of reviews I read saying how drying it was that made me weary.
I have tried it out twice now and have to say I don't like it. The product is described as full coverage on the Charlotte Tilbury website but my first time applying after the 6th (yes 6th!!) pump of foundation I could still see my redness and veins through the foundation. When I tried it the second time I just applied 2 pumps of foundation which gave me very minimal coverage. The foundation itself is extremely hard to blend, but once you have got it blended in it does look very pretty on the skin. Surprisingly even though I had to use more than double the amount of product than I would with any other foundation I own it felt very light on the skin. The foundation is a matte finish but doesn't look heavy or cakey on the skin and doesn't cling to dry patches. It also comes with a pump as seen in picture below.

One huge plus for this foundation is how my skin looked and felt after removing it. Usually when I remove my makeup of an evening my skin is crying out to be moisterised but after removing this foundation my skin looked and felt very hydrated.

If you want to try this foundation but not sure what shade to get head to the Charlotte Tibury Website were you will find the 'Foundation finder' which helps you find a match for your skin tone. The foundation finder chose the shade Fair 1 for me but this is one shade to light for me so that is something to bare in mind.

rrp  €44 available HERE

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara

This mascara was a spur of the moment purchase. I am obsessed with using my Elizabeth Arden ceremide and Estee Lauder Sumptuous extreme mascaras (yes both together!) because they give my lashes amazing length and volume but as these are running out and I don't fancy having to buy two high end mascaras constantly I thought I would give the Full Fat lashes mascara a go as it claims to be a 5-1 mascara that creates extreme Drama, length, volume, curl and separation.
I've used this mascara a couple of times now and it is a good product  to be honest I don't think it is anything special. It does add great length and separation to your lashes and after 2-3 coats you get more volume but nowhere near as full and dramatic as the Soap & Glory Thick & Fast mascara or my beloved Estee Lauder Sumptuous extreme mascara. This mascara did not end up smudged under my lower lash line and also was really easy to remove without having to rub at my eyes.

rrp €29 available HERE

Charlotte Tilbury The Feline Flick

As you know from previous post I am always on the hunt for the perfect eyeliner to create my wings with. Kat Von D tattoo liner is the best one I have found so far but as I have said before my one dried out so quickly I am scared to repurchase in case it happens again. When I seen Charlotte using The Feline Flick pen in a tutorial I knew I needed to get my hands on it. The tip of the pen is so fine and was created to look like a calligraphy pen. The fine tip makes winged liner really easy and the fact that the product itself is very black and comes out evenly without having to constantly shake the pen makes this a brilliant product. I am yet to try out the longevity of this liner and how it holds up with my problematic watery eyes but I will keep you updated.

rrp $30 Available HERE
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What Makeup have you bought recently? let me know in the comments below.

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