Why I love Jamie Genevieve! #Positivitychallange

This post was inspired by the #positivitychallenge started by BeautyByEwa. The positivity challenge started with a video entitled 'Why I love Jaclyn Hill?' (who doesn't love Jaclyn!), to encourage people to utilize social media to compliment and uplift each other, rather than use it as a platform to send hurtful and nasty comments. Well done Ewa, what a brilliant idea! 

How cute is Arrow the dog in this pic!

I first discovered Jamie Genevieve a few months ago, after a fellow makeup addict suggested I may like her video's as she is a Scottish makeup artist. I wasn't told much more than that so searched her name on YouTube with no expectations. Its safe to say after the first video I was hooked! Why? Because her videos were totally different to anything I had seen before. 

At this point I was only about 6 months into my makeup journey and had only been watching American Youtubers. I had no previous experience so took everything they said as gospel. It wasn't until I watched Jamie's tutorials I realised that most of the videos I had been watching were all very similar. They were all telling their viewers that you had to use certain products in certain ways. This may not necessarily be a bad thing if you are looking for clear step by step instructions but even as inexperienced as I was I knew I wanted to express my creativity more than that.

Over time Jamie's videos encouraged me not to worry about 'fitting in', or doing my makeup to suit the occasion. I'm a busy working mum. I very rarely have nights out or special occasions. If I stuck by the make up 'rule book' it would be minimal make up and a bit of lip balm most days for me. I don't want that! Some days (well, truth me told most days) I don't wear any makeup at all. Then other days I like to sit for hours perfecting my glittery smokey eye with a huge winged liner and overdrawn purple lips for the school run (I genuinely do this!) Yes I get people commenting asking why am wearing so much makeup but my answer is always the same....'Because I want to!' (did you just sing that Billie Piper Style? Just me?)

Another refreshing thing about Jamie, and I think the main reason she has gained success in the industry so fast is her warm, welcoming personality. Without prejudice, we have all met someone in the beauty industry that sticks their nose up at you. Or someone 'famous' who comes across on screen as such a down to earth person but is far from this in person I know I have). I have had the pleasure of meeting Jamie twice now and can honestly say she is one of the most humble, down to earth people I have ever met. She always goes out her way to encourage and support fellow makeup artists or aspiring mua's like myself. I love the fact that she never tells her viewers that her way of applying makeup is the 'right way' or the products she buys are the only ones fit for purpose. On the contrary, she welcomes ideas from viewers and is open and honest about her ongoing growth as an artist. 

Jamie's friendship with Sam (Samantha Ravndahl), Make up artist and fellow YouTuber) is so refreshing to see. So often these days young girls are in constant competition with each other especially those under the media spotlight. The way these girls support each other and encourage not only one another, but their 'fans' to work hard to get where they want in life, without stepping on people on the way up is something we see very little from people who make money from social media. Jamie's work ethic is exactly why I encourage my daughter to look at her as a role model. Yes she left school young, but she worked hard to gain qualifications and experience needed for a successful career in the beauty industry. What more could you want for your child than to work as hard as they can to gain success in an industry they are passionate about?!

I am so proud as a fellow Scot and a makeup enthusiast how much Jamie has achieved in such a short space of time. If you are an avid YouTube watcher like myself and follow beauty bloggers/vloggers, it will be very clear that Jamie could be long gone by now to America with more designer handbags than she knows what to do with, selling her soul to promote everything and anything. Instead she has stayed true to herself and stayed in the salon (onyxmakeup.comslogging away, saving money, making sure as many of us supporters get to attend her masterclasses' and one to one makeup sessions before she leaves to be a full time YouTube sensation.

Awwww Drogba

Jamie is not only a good role model for the younger generation but to anyone who wants to succeed with something. Stay true to yourself and work hard! She shows us that the best way to succeed is helping others along the way, and most importantly IF IN DOUBT ADD MORE HIGHLIGHT!!

I want to take this opportunity to wish Jamie the best of luck for the future, your advice and support has been invaluable to me. You will never know just how much you have helped me! I wish you every success.

If you want to join in the positivity challenge you can do so through any social media platform and hashtag #positivitychallenge. If you feel speaking out on social media isn't for you, why don't you send a text to a friend or family member telling them how much they mean to you. Or even better tell a stranger in the street their hair looks nice or their shoes are lovely! 

Most importantly.......Just be nice!


****Whist editing this post Anna Saccone posted the following YouTube Video - https://youtu.be/HMJI7FG6Sug. This  video is a prime example of how internet 'trolling' is getting out of hand! It shows what serious affect negative comments can have on a person. This is exactly why this #positivitychallenge and other similar are vital. Lets not let our kids grow up in a world where it is acceptable to send vile comments to someone you don't know. We can make a difference!****

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